Paleo Magazine Design

Editorial design for Paleo Magazine, a Bend, Oregon publication. Editorial can refer to anything published for readers, such as a book, magazine design or newspaper and is one of the oldest forms of graphic design. For Paleo Magazine, I work alongside the Creative Director to produce an ever-evolving, eye-catching and engaging magazine for the Paleo community on a bi-monthly basis.

Magazine design is all about keeping readers engaged with the content and requires research, image selection and enhancing, creation of interesting layouts and creative use of typography. It’s a rewarding form of design due to the creative freedom each piece provides–each story is a blank canvas! The content in the magazine ranges from dense, scientific data to product reviews and inspirational stories. Each format requires a different design approach: some do well with large eye-catching photography, and others with infographic design style spreads.

I also help Paleo Magazine reach their readers through other touch-points with Facebook, Instagram and website graphics, cookbook designs, and presentation design.

In collaboration with Kate Miller Design
Services Provided

Editorial Design
Graphic Design

paleo magazine design-infographic spread-fasting
paleo magazine design-risk muscle
paleo magazine design-eat red meat
paleo magazine design-infographic spread-gut microbia
paleo magazine design-copper river wild
paleo magazine design-greek recipe
paleo magazine design-unschooling